What are s-block Elements and how to write E.C.

s-block elements are those in which the last electron enters the s-orbital of the valence shell. Here, we will discuss about the s-block elements.

What are s-block Elements

  1. Elements in which the last electron enters the s-orbital of their respective valence shell.
  2. s subshell has only 1 orbital which can accommodate only 2 electrons.
  3. Therefore, s block has 2 groups.
  4. Elements of group 1 are alkali metals.
  5. The elements of group 2 are alkaline metals.
  6. Elements of group 1 and group 2 are representative elements.
  7. The elements of group 1 are H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr

What is electronic configuration of s block elements

  1. General outer shell electronic configuration of s-block elements is ns1-2 where n = 2 – 7
  2. There are 2 exceptions in the s block elements.
  3. Helium has electronic configuration 1s2. It is a s block element. But it has fully filled valence shell E.C. Therefore it is placed with noble gases.
  4. Position of Hydrogen is confusing in the P.T. It has E.C. 1s1 Hydrogen element behaves as alkali metal as well as halogens. It can gain one electron as well as lose one electron.

General Characteristics of s block elements

  1. s-block elements are soft metals.
  2. They have high melting and boiling points.
  3. The s-block elements are electropositive and can easily lose the valence electron.
  4. The metallic character and reactivity increases down the group. Hence, they are difficult to find in pure state.
  5. They mainly forms ionic compounds except Be
  6. These elements impart colouration to the flame except Be and Mg
  7. Alkali metals are strong reducing agents.
  8. All s block elements are good conductors of heat & electricity.

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