What is CO2 Lewis Structure and how to find Molecular Geometry of it

Here, you will learn about the CO2 Lewis structure molecular geometry. Also we will discuss about the formal charges and dipole moment in carbon dioxide molecule. You will also study about the hybridisation and bond angle in CO2 lewis structure.

CO2 Lewis Structure :

The Lewis structure of CO2 involves two oxygen atoms sharing double bonds with a central carbon atom. As we know that, C atom has 4 valence electrons and each O atom has 6 valence electrons. The total number of valence electrons in CO2 is 16.

To draw the Lewis structure of CO2:

Write the atomic symbols for carbon and oxygen: C and O.
Calculate the total number of valence electrons in the molecule. CO2 has 4 electrons (from carbon) + 6 (from each oxygen) = 16 valence electrons.

CO2 Lewis structure @chemistrywithmonamam

Place the atoms linearly with Carbon atom in the centre and Oxygen atoms on either side.
Now put a double bond between each Oxygen atom and the Carbon atom to form C=O bonds.
Place the remaining valence electrons around each atom to satisfy the Octet rule. CO2 lewis structure has now 2 lone pairs on each oxygen atom and no lone pairs on the Carbon atom.

The final Lewis structure of CO2 should have a linear shape. Each Oxygen atom shares a double bond with the Carbon atom. Each atom has completed its octet.

Formal charges in CO2 Lewis Structure :

To calculate the formal charges on each atom in CO2, we need to follow these steps:

Calculate the number of valence electrons for each atom. As Carbon atom has 4 valence electrons while each oxygen has 6 valence electrons.

In CO2. We have a total of 16 valence electrons (4 from carbon and 6 from each oxygen).

Formal charge calculations :

= Valence electrons – Bonded electrons – Non bonding electrons/2

Carbon : 4 – 4 – 0 = 0

Oxygen 1 : 6 – 4 – 4/2 = 0
Oxygen 2: 6 – 4 – 4/2 = 0

All three atoms in CO2 have a formal charge of zero, so, CO2 is a stable, uncharged molecule.

Formal charges in CO2 Lewis structure @chemistrywithmonamam

Hybridisation in CO2

Hybridisation in CO2 is Sp.

The Hybridisation scheme in CO2 Lewis structure @chemistrywithmonamam

Resonating Structures of CO2 lewis structure

CO2 shows 2 resonating structures. Two Double bonds in Carbon and Oxygen resonates with triple bond and single bond in CO2.

Dipole moment of CO2 lewis structure

Dipole moment of a molecule is defined as the product of the charge separation between the atoms in the molecule and the distance between them.

In the case of CO2, the molecule is linear and has a symmetrical arrangement of atoms. This means that the bond dipoles of the 2 C-O bonds are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction, so they cancel each other out. As a result, the net dipole moment of CO2 is zero.

This makes CO2 a Non polar molecule despite having polar bonds.

Bond angle in CO2 Lewis structure

CO2 molecule has a linear shape, with the carbon atom in the centre and the two oxygen atoms on either side. This arrangement in CO2 creates an angle of 180 degrees.

FAQs on CO2 Lewis structure

1: What is the structure of CO2?
A: The structure of CO2 is linear. In CO2 carbon atom is in the centre and two oxygen atoms on either side, forming two carbon-oxygen double bonds.

2: What is the hybridisation of the carbon atom in CO2?
A: The carbon atom in CO2 is Sp hybridised.

3: What is the bond angle in CO2?
A: The bond angle in CO2 is 180 degrees.

4: Is CO2 polar or non polar?
A: CO2 is non polar due to its linear shape and equal distribution of charge.

5: How is the structure of CO2 related to its properties?
A: The linear shape and double bonds of CO2 result in a non polar molecule with a dipole moment of zero. This affects its solubility and reactivity in certain chemical reactions.

6: How can the structure of CO2 be represented?
A: The structure of CO2 can be represented using a Lewis structure, which shows the arrangement of atoms and electrons in the molecule. The Lewis structure of CO2 is O=C=O.

7: How is the hybridisation of the carbon atom in CO2 related to its shape?
A: The Sp hybridisation of the carbon atom in CO2 results in a linear shape. Carbon atom is in the centre and the oxygen atoms on either side. This shape is determined by the repulsion between the two double bonds and the electron pairs

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