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Henrys Law solutions

According to Henry’s Law, mass of the gas dissolved in a given volume of a liquid is directly proportional to the pressure of the gas. This is called Henrys law in solutions Solubility of O2 gas of the air in water is called dissolution of O2 which forms the basis of survival of aquatic life. […]

Expressing concentration of solutions

Firstly, we will understand about the term solutions. Afterwards, we will discuss the ways of expressing concentration of solutions. Expressing the concentration of the solutions A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more chemically non reacting solute and solvent components. Solute is the component which is present in lesser amount in the solution. […]

H2O lewis structure molecular geometry

Here, you will learn about H2O lewis structure molecular geometry. You will also study about H2O structure and bond angle. You will come to know here about the formal charges in H2O lewis structure. How to draw H2O lewis structure The Lewis structure of H2O, or water, can be drawn by following these steps: Calculate […]

CO2 Lewis Structure Molecular Geometry

Here, you will learn about the CO2 Lewis structure molecular geometry. Also we will discuss about the formal charges and dipole moment in carbon dioxide molecule. You will also study about the hybridisation and bond angle in CO2 lewis structure. CO2 Lewis Structure : The Lewis structure of CO2 involves two oxygen atoms sharing double […]

CO Lewis structure molecular geometry and Formal charges

Here, we will discuss about CO Lewis structure molecular geometry. We will also learn about the carbon monoxide formal charges and hybridisation. Also, learn the bond angle, dipole moment according to CO Lewis structure molecular geometry and formal charges. CO Lewis structure As we know, carbon has four valence electrons, and oxygen has six valence […]

Basics OF Chemistry
O3 Lewis Structure Formal Charge

Here in this article we will study about 03 Lewis structure formal charge. We will also discuss 03 Lewis structure, 03 resonance, O3 dipole moment and O3 molecular geometry. Here, you will know about the O3 ozone bond angle and O3 lewis structure formal charge calculation. O3 Lewis Structure The Lewis structure of O3 consists […]


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